Jersey City Boasts 10 of the 17 {Most Popular Restaurants} in NJ

Jersey City Boasts 10 of the 17 {Most Popular Restaurants} in NJ

Posted in Eats on January 02, 2018

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The results are in, and recently announced that 10 of the 17 most popular restaurants in New Jersey are right here in Jersey City! Based on data from FourSquare, more specifically the Swarm check-in function, the app ranked the NJ spots based on an algorithm that assigns a rating based on user activity (such as likes and dislikes), tip sentiment, and more. Check out which JC spots made the list!

13) Mathews Food & Drink

A delicious "Charleston-inspired" menu plus innovative cocktails land Mathews on the list.

12) Left Bank Burger Bar

Burgers. All kinds of crazy and amazing burgers put Left Bank at the #12 spot.

11) City Diner

From breakfast to late night, City Diner has you covered.

10) Würstbar

Exotic sausages and a great beer list makes Würstbar the 10th most popular spot in the Garden State.

9) Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory

Get your hands on some of the most creative pancakes you've ever seen at Brownstone.

8) Órale

A full menu of Guacamole, delicious tacos, and tons of Tequila to choose from lands Órale at the 8 spot.

5) Talde

Talde's Asian fusion deliciousness puts into into the top 5 spots in NJ.

4) Taqueria Downtown

Strong margs and amazing authentic tacos put Taqueria at number 4 on the list.


SOUTH HOUSE brings Austin, Texas to Jersey City with live tunes, delicious Southern food, and mouth-watering cocktails.

1) Porta

Porta claims the #1 spot for it's top of the line pizza, rooftop, and good vibes. If you've never been, head over and check it out!

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