5 Raleigh {Restaurant & Bar Openings} You Can't Miss in 2018

5 Raleigh {Restaurant & Bar Openings} You Can't Miss in 2018

Posted in Eats on January 04, 2018

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If you're like me, you know that making a New Year's resolution to eat healthier is not very realistic. However, like any true foodie, a much more realistic resolution is to experience more foodventures (I created this word-don't let anyone else tell you differently). Here are 5 exciting Raleigh restaurant & bar openings to look forward to in 2018!

Vita Vite - the Park Central Building in North Hills

This eatery combines art with wine-a combo for the perfect date night. Less than a year after the original downtown location opened, it was named one of the Top 100 businesses in North America, so the hype is high for their 2 story North Hills location. Each floor will have it's own bar, with the second flood also having outside couches and fireplaces. Don't fret beer drinkers-the menu will also feature craft brews.

Kajiu Bowl & Bao - Davie St.

Downtown Raleigh is greatly lacking in the ramen department, so I am thrilled for this restaurant to open. Along with ramen, Kaiju will serve bao, bibimbap, and other Asian-influenced choices (possibly even an Asian chicken wing). This restaurant will be owned by the same person who owns Calavera and Oak City Meatball, so the expectations are certainly high.

Tonbo Ramen - S. Wilmington St.

What's better than a ramen restaurant? TWO ramen restaurants! Tonbo will feature a brothy Japanese ramen menu with items made from scratch and locally sourced. Upstairs, you will be able to enjoy cocktails and small plates in a unique Japanese speakeasy setting.

Barcelona Wine Bar - The Dillon

Opening in the Dillon, this wine bar will feature tapas and wines inspired by Spain and South America. This restaurant, which already has several locations, will be the first North Carolina location. I dare you not to drool looking at their instagram (@barcelonawinebar).

A Place at the Table - Hargett St.

I think this pay-what-you-can restaurant might be the opening that excites my humanitarian heart the most. You can pay via volunteering, for someone else's meal, what you can afford, and what you would typically pay plus a little extra. The avocado toast is affordable and the proceeds go towards helping those less fortunate get a meal, what's not to love?!

Written by Taylor Steffey

Taylor is both a full time educator and a full time foodie. When she's not eating food, she's thinking about her next meal (just kidding she does both simultaneously). Her food idols include: Leslie Knope, Joey Tribbiani, and Winnie the Pooh. Keep up with her foodie adventures on Instagram @tay_tastes