Manayunk's Own {The Warming Store} Gets MAJOR Shout-Out from Anderson Cooper

Manayunk's Own {The Warming Store} Gets MAJOR Shout-Out from Anderson Cooper

Posted in Entertainment on January 05, 2018

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As reported by People and many major outlets, Anderson Cooper kept warm hosting CNN's New Year's Eve special using clothing from one of Manayunk's own local businesses. With temperatures in the single digits, Cooper spared no expense to co-host the Times Square show. He reportedly spent $2,900 on electric clothing from The Warming Store. Cooper explained to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Tuesday night:

There's a battery pack on your socks, a battery back on your vest, on your long underwear, on your hat, on your gloves and they sold me the Ferrari of warming gloves, they said. It was kind of amazing. I had coats over it, but every now and then, you could press a button and your pecks would get really hot.

So awesome to see one of our local businesses getting the credit it definitely deserves for keeping people warm during this frigid weather!

Cover Image via The Warming Store Facebook

Written by John Connell

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