Starting TODAY: Where to Eat During {Triangle Restaurant Week}

Starting TODAY: Where to Eat During {Triangle Restaurant Week}

Posted in Eats on January 22, 2018

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To foodies, especially those on a budget, restaurant week is really just a weeklong celebration. Thankfully, for those of us in the triangle, we are about to experience just that. This year, Triangle Restaurant Week runs from January 22-28 and features restaurants in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas. Over 50 restaurants are participating in the Raleigh area, with $10 and $15 three course lunch specials, and $20, $25, $30, and $35 three course dinner specials (prices exclude tax, gratuity, and beverages). Not all restaurants are offering these prices, so be sure to check out the comprehensive list of your options. Here are some worthy Raleigh options for all price levels!

$10 Lunch

18 Seaboard

Featuring an appetizer and a main course from their $30 dinner menu, their lunch menu is comparable in taste and lighter on the wallet, but devoid of dessert. There are both vegetarian and meat options (the surf and turf salad sounds most intriguing), so this is an apt lunch spot for those looking for a lunch break.

$15 Lunch

The Capital Grille

I am not normally one to promote a chain, BUT they are conveniently located (free and easy parking!), highly rated, and offering quite the deal for this normally pricey restaurant. The lunch menu will tout a soup/salad appetizer, four entrée options (including an aged sirloin), and two tasty dessert options. For those like myself who have wanted to go here but couldn't afford it, now is the optimal time.

$20 Dinner

Pho Pho Pho Noodle Kitchen + Bar

This Vietnamese restaurant will feature both a $10 lunch and a $20 dinner menu. The dinner menu contains a variety of appetizers (my personal favorite: grilled avocado), second course pho and bun options, and a fascinating you-pick-two mochi dessert option. The lunch menu features the same main course items, but lighter appetizers and no dessert.

$25 Dinner


The perfect place for a group containing vegetarians and meat eaters, Irregardless' dinner specials will feature a $25 option for herbivores and a $30 option for carnivores. Both menus contain several gluten-free and vegan options, such as a Bolognese made with zucchini noodles, vegan Bolognese sauce, and Parmesan cheese, and a gluten free flourless chocolate torte.

$30 Dinner

Coquette Brasserie

Their restaurant week menu had me at baked brie (which is coincidentally the first item on the menu). This restaurant in North Hills features French-inspired appetizer, dinner, and dessert options like goat cheese salad, mille feuille of duck, and cinnamon beignets. For those looking for a cheaper option, Coquette also features and a striking $15 lunch option that includes the beignets.

$35 Dinner

42nd Street Oyster Bar

At this grocery-store-turned-oyster-joint, restaurant week goers will have the option of an appetizer, a main course, and a slice of pie. While oysters aren't on their special menu, seafood is pricy, and thus $35 for 2 seafood items and a dessert is a dream come true. If the seafood isn't enticing enough, the bar features an extensive and impressive cocktail and beer menu.

Written by Taylor Steffey

Taylor is both a full time educator and a full time foodie. When she's not eating food, she's thinking about her next meal (just kidding she does both simultaneously). Her food idols include: Leslie Knope, Joey Tribbiani, and Winnie the Pooh. Keep up with her foodie adventures on Instagram @tay_tastes