10 Drool-Status Photos Proving {Buddy Who's} Needs To Be Your Next Brunch Spot

10 Drool-Status Photos Proving {Buddy Who's} Needs To Be Your Next Brunch Spot

Posted in Eats on January 25, 2018

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Buddy Who's recently opened where The Draper stood and Park & Sixth Gastopub before that. It's no surprise that we love brunch, so there is no better concept to us than a place that serves brunch and breakfast SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. This is not a joke.

Buddy Who's is open from 7am-2am every day with their breakfast and brunch menu being served daily from 7am-10pm. Those who for some reason don't love magical morning dishes, lunch and dinner menus are also served starting at 11am.


Below are some samples from the brunch menu that will absolutely solidify your need to get to Buddy Who's ASAP.

This. Thing. Is. Insane. This picture says 1000 (full) words. The Pancake Sandwich houses a burger, bacon, and a friend within two massive pancake buns.

A childhood dream come true. Cap'n Crunch IN the pancakes.

Another nostalgia alert. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes are something you will definitely write home about.

Not only is this burger delicious between a super soft bun, but you can add as many patties as you please! 50 patties? No problem.

One of my personal favorites. This Chicken Waffle Sandwich with over easy eggs brings so many flavors and textures.

I judge a place hard on their fries. Buddy Who's has some serious pomme frites that are perfectly incredible on their own, but...

...they also supply 6 bangin' sauces to buy these pomme frites a first class ticket to flavortown. (Hey, Guy Fieri)

Buddy Who's has three kinds of hash that won't disappoint. Pictured: Classic Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

All together is a masterpiece, especially if you're in good company.

Brunch is meant to be washed down. As the saying goes, "Brunch without alcohol, is just a sad, late breakfast." From left to right: Zephyr, Spiced Rum Old Fashioned, Mid Winter Margarita.

Written by Adam Smith

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