The Search is ON for Jersey City's {Top Mixologist}

The Search is ON for Jersey City's {Top Mixologist}

Posted in Drinks on February 01, 2018

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Have A Night Jersey City is teaming up with ChicpeaJC to find Jersey City's best mixologist! Over the course of 4 weeks, your favorite bartenders throughout JC will be shakin' and stirrin' up some delicious concotions, but there's only 1 catch... we're throwing mystery ingredients into the mix!

Creativity is a must, and you're sure to see some incredible cocktails blending flavor profiles you would have never thought possible! You must lock in your FREE RSVP to enjoy some awesome cocktail specials and a front row seat to check out the competition! Space is limited, and the stakes are high, as the Mixologist who wins the final event on 3/15 will take home $2,000 CASH! We look forward to seeing you at our first event on Thursday, February 22nd at Porta!

Contest Rules:

  • For Round 1, each Mixologist will have 5 minutes to make three of the same cocktail - 1 for each judge (who will be local JC personalities)
  • The Mixologists will then present and explain the drink while each judge tastes and scores the drink (from 1-10) based on taste, presentation, and creativity.
  • Round 2 will consist of another 5 minutes, but the Mixologists will be shaking up a different cocktail, as the mystery ingredients will be different from Round 1.
  • The Mixologist with the highest combined score from both rounds will move on to the Finals, which will be held on March 15th at Hudson Hall. In the event of a tie, the Mixologist with the highest single drink score moves on.
  • Each round will have specific mystery ingredients, which Mixologists are required to use. Mixologists can use additional ingredients on top of the required mystery ones.

Event Schedule:

Event #1: Thursday, February 22nd @ Porta (135 Newark Ave.):

Event #2: Thursday, March 1st @ The Hutton (225 Hutton St.):

Event #3: Thursday, March 8th @ Talde (8 Erie St.):

FINALS: Thursday, March 15th @ Hudson Hall (364 Marin Blvd.):

  • Winner of Event #1 on 2/22
  • Winner of Event #2 on 3/1
  • Winner of Event #3 on 3/8

So come out and support your favorite Mixologist, come out for all 4 events, or just come out to enjoy some incredible cocktails, as each event is sure to be an awesome time!

Written by John Connell

John likes to think he is very gifted. His talents include napping, eating sunflower seeds, growing a neckbeard, Ja Rule karaoke, and napping. Recovering from a knee injury, John is currently limited to bar games like shuffleboard, pool, and darts, and accepts all challengers. An avid sports fan, the only thing he enjoys more than attending a game, is the beach. Don't let the knee injury fool you though, he can still get down on the dance floor!