What to Order: A Sandwich for Everyone {at Jimmy John's}

What to Order: A Sandwich for Everyone {at Jimmy John's}

Posted in Eats on February 28, 2018

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It's Lunch (or dinner) time, and you're tired of the same ol' thing you do every day... either bring something from home, or struggle to find a quality option to get in, get out, and enjoy! That's where Jimmy John's comes in. Freaky fast, and freakin' delicious. Never been, or scared to leave your sandwich comfort zone? They've got a sandwich for everyone - check it out!

When You're Looking for the Classics

Classics? Jimmy John's has those on lock. Grab a #1 Pepe (ham), #3 Turkey Tom (turkey), #5 Vito (Italian), or J.J.B.L.T. (BLT), and your boring ham & cheese on white bread will never again suffice. Meat's not your thing? No problem! Grab a #6 Vegetarian and be on your way!

When You're Not Feeling a Typical "Sandwich"

Whether you're gluten-free, or you're just trying to switch things up from the bread of a regular sandwich, the Unwich at Jimmy John's is for you! Next time, make your favorite JJ's sandwich an Unwich!

When You're in the Mood for a Club...

Sub out the roll for a club (see what I did there? SUB?!) and grab a #11 Country Club, #12 Beach Club, or #15 Club Tuna. Jimmy John's packs on the goodies in their club sandwiches, so if you're hungry opt for a club!

When You're Doin' it for the Gram...

By now, you know that color and contrast are two integral parts to a good Instagram post (as well as a solid background)... Be sure to order a sandwich that puts the fresh ingredients at Jimmy John's on display (think ripe red tomatoes, avocado spread, and more!)

So...what will you order next time you head to Jimmy John's? We already know after looking at these pics, it's sure to be soon! Let us know in the comments @haveanight_jc

Written by John Connell

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