We Have a Winner! JC Mystery Mixology Finals in {23 Photos}

We Have a Winner! JC Mystery Mixology Finals in {23 Photos}

Posted in Drinks on March 21, 2018

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What a night it was! Last Thursday's Mystery Mixology Finals at Hudson Hall was a night we won't soon forget. We could tell you how intense the competition was, how much fun we had, and who took home the $2,000 grand prize... but we'll let the photos speak for themselves! Check out 23 of our favorite shots from an awesome night!

Hudson Hall was an awesome host for the finals, providing plenty of room for mixologists and viewers alike!

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Boodles London Dry Gin, and Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey would each be used once in the 3 Rounds that made up the finals.

The crowd built early, with everyone enjoying the featured cocktails as well as Hudson Hall's extensive beer list and delicious eats.

Packed house! Everyone wanted to get a view of the action (which took place on the stage - top left).

The view from behind the bar as the mixologists prepared for the competition.

Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey was the first spirit mixologists were to use, paired with the mystery ingredient: Saffron. TJ Annese from Ani Ramen getting it started.

Michelle DeSantis from Talde pouring it up!

Things got smoky with the first round cocktail of White Star's Tom Linstrom.

TJ capped a strong first round by presenting the judges his cocktail in a frozen hollowed out Dragonfruit.

The judges for the finals (left to right): Janis Borroto & Alessia Aron - Jersey Girls Food Tours | Olivia Kociolek - Liberty Humane Society

Our final judge was Evan Berman - President of Evan Berman Productions

Round 2 featured Boodles Gin paired with the mystery ingredient of Dill!

Michelle's final product for round 2 looking super colorful and delicious.

Our MC, Justin Bomba, who kept the crowd and fun going all night on the mic!

The 3rd and final round featured The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey paired with the mystery ingredient of honey.

Tom decided to break out the blender (which he also used to propel him to a berth in the finals), and the judges were not disappointed.

The perfect pour...

...results in a thing of beauty!

All 3 competitors made it clear this was the most friendly and good-spirited competition that they'd ever been a part of! The JC love was on full display after the last cocktail was presented to the judges.

Seconds before the winner of the $2,000 cash prize was announced.

A BIG congratulations to Tom Linstrom of White Star on taking home the crown!

Literally! Yes, there was a crown.

The crowd showing Tom lots of love after the final announcement.

A big thanks to all of the mixologists who participated, the amazing venues for hosting, and everyone who came out to cheer on their favorites! We're always trying to improve these events moving forward, so please take 1 minute to answer our super short survey! Look out for info on our next event very soon!

Written by John Connell

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