16 {Dog-Friendly} Places to Celebrate National Puppy Day in JC

16 {Dog-Friendly} Places to Celebrate National Puppy Day in JC

Posted in Entertainment on March 23, 2018

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Although it may be "National Puppy Day," every dog was once a puppy. Whether your dog is an old wise one, or a spunky youngster, here are the top places in JC to treat your dog just like the special day you got them!


Canine Canteen

Canine Canteen is located in wonderful Paulus Hook selling dog and cat supplies. As a neighborhood staple, Canine Canteen is owned and run by locals who always have their dogs in the store and is dog friendly for your pal to come in, too! The spot also offers special orders of products not carried in store, as well as delivery. Don't forget to say hello to Billy the Cat while stopping in! 206 Washington St.

Hound About Town

With two locations, Hound About Town offers supplies for new puppy owners, including resources for grooming, house training, and behavioral training, as well as food, treats, and puzzles for dogs of all ages. Can't make it while they are open, you can even get their products delivered through FastBoy Delivery! 218 Montgomery St & 17 McWilliams Pl.

Fussy Friends

Located on the pedestrian walkway on Newark Ave steps away from the Grove Street PATH station, Fussy Friends is not only convenient, but they also hold adoption events weekly. Stop in for your animal needs, and maybe even adopt a new forever friend! 148 Newark Ave.

Jersey Tails

Jersey Tails offers all of your dog needs and is sure to give your pup a treat if you bring them in! Including cat supplies as well, Jersey Tails is a great local spot for whatever your four-legged friends could possibly need! 169 Christopher Columbus Dr.


Veterinaire Pet Care

Another Paulus Hook neighborhood staple, Veterinarire Pet Care is a small but cozy vet. It is a full-service veterinary practice, led by Dr. Cory Waxman. While offering standard medical practices, Veterinarian Pet Care also offers traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, dietary, and nutritional counseling and management of acute and chronic illness care. 201 Marin Blvd. & 25 Senate Pl.

Downtown Veterinary Clinic

Locate just steps away from the Newark Ave pedestrian walkway, Downtown Vet offers full service veterinary care. What makes Downtown Veterinary Care unique is their offering of acupuncture, laser surgery, stem cell therapy, and cold laser therapy. Dr. Tuder and associates also have locations in Bayonne, Hoboken, and the JC Heights. 282 1st St.


Liberty Humane Society

Jersey City's local adoption center, Liberty Humane Society works with local businesses on this list, as well as restaurants and establishments to find loving homes for all homeless pets in the Jersey City area. Swing by and fall in love with a new pal (dog or cat), or if you can't commit, they have volunteer opportunities, education classes, and fostering options available, as well! 235 Jersey City Blvd.


Jersey City Unleashed Pet Resort and Spa

Jersey City Unleashed is your deluxe choice for boarding and grooming. They offer not only play areas and live webcams for you to check on your furry friend, but also swimming, deluxe suites, a pet taxi, and a cat hotel, as well! 619 Marin Blvd.

Club Barks

Located next to Veterinaire Pet Care, Club Barks is the one-stop shop for all of your grooming, boarding, and day-care needs. With two other locations your dog will be taken care of, especially due to their service of a local taxi service for your dog! (Don't forget to check out their refer-a-friend specials online!) 201 Marin Blvd.

Glamour Pet Salon

Want to treat your pup, young or old, like a royal? Glamour Pet Salon is the perfect place. Offering full grooming services, this spa allows your best friend to relax during services that can sometimes be a bit stressful. They even offer specials on their website, so be sure to check that out before visiting! 247 Marin Blvd.

Executive Dog Lounge

Specializing in smaller dog care, Executive Dog Lounge is a top-shelf dog daycare. With a fashionable interior, couches, and televisions, your dog will be living the life of luxury when you're away from him or her. You can even plan your dog's birthday party here! 190 York St.


K9dergarten is also located just steps away from the pedestrian walkway, and is a dog daycare, as well as a store! The have a friendly atmosphere, kind and knowledgeable associates, and even offer a shuttle service for your four-legged friend! Check out their Facebook Page for daily pet of the day's and updates on the dogs at camp that day. 173 Newark Ave.

Pup-Friendly Spots

Exchange Place Boardwalks

Not only do you have ample space, but the skyline is also a perfect background for photos! The Exchange Place Boardwalks are one of the most amazing places for a quick photo opp on the run! (Pictured is the authors puppy!)

Colgate Clock

Not only can you get a picture of the NYC skyline, but the Colgate clock also makes it an amazing photo opportunity. Come by sunset, and you will not regret your decision, and your Instagram followers will agree! (Pictured are the owners dogs from Canine Canteen!)

Liberty State Park

Take your dog on the ferry and a long walk through the park will not only be the only thing you come away with! Liberty State Park is 100% dog friendly and is one of the top places for amazing pictures, even with the most unruly puppy! (Pictured is the authors puppy!)

Departed Soles Brewery

There are two places you can drink beer with your dog: your couch or Departed Soles Brewery. The latter is definitely our preference! Go to enjoy fresh craft beer with your loved ones, both furry and human! 150 Bay St.

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!