Bow WOW: Raleigh's 5 Most Popular {Dog Breeds} Revealed for 2017

Bow WOW: Raleigh's 5 Most Popular {Dog Breeds} Revealed for 2017

Posted in Entertainment on March 28, 2018

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As reported by, the results are in for Raleigh's most popular pups by breed for 2017! Some of you may think you know all 5 in order based on what kind of dogs you most see strolling the street, but some of you may also be shocked by the breeds that closed out the top 5. Take a look!

Raleigh's Top 5 for 2017:

1) Labrador Retriever
2) Golden Retriever
3) German Shepherd
4) Beagle
5) Yorkshire Terrier

Labs held the top spot in the national ranking for the 27th consecutive year, and Raleigh's top 5 was relatively consistent with the top 5 in the US. As AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo explains, "Raleigh's top three most popular closely mirror the nation's, with Labs, Goldens and German Shepherds holding tight to the top spots. Raleigh does not share the rest of the country's love of French Bulldogs, however. The French didn't even crack the city's top 10."

Did any breeds on this list surprise you? Is your pup one of the breeds listed? Let us know on Instagram @haveanight_raleigh and be sure to tag us in your favorite photos!

Written by John Connell

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