10 Jersey City Food Spots Open {24 Hours A Day}

10 Jersey City Food Spots Open {24 Hours A Day}

Posted in Eats on April 09, 2018

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Late-night cravings hit even the best of us! So, next time you're out late at the bar, coming home from a night shift, or anything in between, check out this list here and try one of these Jersey City restaurants that understands that not everyone follows the same schedule!


Whether it's after a late night out at the local bars, or just an overwhelming craving for pizza, Stella's is always a good choice! My personal go-to is the chicken and beef gyro, but they are famous for their wide range of slices, with creative flavors like buffalo chicken and lasagna. You can't beat the location either, right beside the Grove PATH station and all of the downtown bars! 335 Grove St.

City Diner

Satisfy your breakfast craving at any time of the day! Along with all-day breakfast, City Diner has your fill of classic diner food for you to order-in or enjoy in house. And after eating, you can enjoy a late-night walk along the waterfront, nothing beats the view at night–it's perfect for photo opportunities! 31 Montgomery St.

White Mana Diner

If anything deserves the descriptor "retro" it's White Mana Diner! Serving up classic burgers and fries since 1946 out of this historical landmark, originally built for the 1939 World's Fair. 470 Tonnele Ave.

VIP Diner

Diners and late-nights just seem to go together! VIP diner serves up your favorite diner classics with a Greek twist. Fun Fact: scenes from the Sopranos were shot in this very diner, you can't get much more quintessentially New Jersey than that! 175 Sip Ave.

Neptune Bakery and Deli

I can't believe that I have lived in Jersey City for nearly a year and had not been to Neptune Bakery sooner! They are famous for their custard cups, and rightly so might I add. There's also a selection of other pastries and baked goods, and empanadas for a late-night/early-morning snack. 1612 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Paratha Junction

This hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant may not look like much at first glance, but their food more than makes up for their nondescript façade. Though not a true 24-hour joint, their hours accommodate nearly every person's late-night schedule and is just a short walk from the Journal Square station. Open until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays, 2am during the week. 779 Newark Ave.

Kennedy Fried Chicken

Another not-quite 24-hour restaurant, but open 9am-5am daily, Kennedy Fried Chicken offers good, cheap food in a convenient location. The fried food combined with their neon signs makes this a stereotypical late-night spot. 50 Sip Ave.


I wish every Subway was open 24 hours, so it is good to know that this Journal Square location can cater to sandwich cravings at any hour! 2866 Kennedy Blvd.

White Castle

Harold and Kumar popularized the late-night White Castle adventure–hopefully your quest for nighttime sliders is slightly less eventful! 2995 Kennedy Blvd.

Dunkin' Donuts

Whether it's for a late-night coffee to make it through an all-nighter or a donut on the way home after a night out, it's always good to know which Dunkin stays open 24 hours to accommodate anyone's schedule. 463 Tonnele Ave

Written by Claire Layton

Claire is a quintessential Canadian girl looking forward to exploring JC one craft beer at a time! She is a graduate student of anthropology, spending all of her free time either at the gym, frequenting comedy bars, or scouring the city for free concerts.