We're {Melting} Over MeltDown Grilled Cheese's Opening

We're {Melting} Over MeltDown Grilled Cheese's Opening

Posted in Eats on April 13, 2018

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There is never a bad time for a grilled cheese, and MeltDown is the place to get it! Located at150 Bay Street, you can go back to your childhood roots and enjoy a nice "Kids" Cheese with some tomato soup, or make some new traditions with the Dèjà Vu, their take on a French onion soup grilled cheese. Have it your way, with tomatoes, bacon, or ham (or you can even have it with cheese both on the OUTSIDE, and inside). The best part of this newly-opened restaurant is that they're open 'til Midnight, and that you can accompany your sammy with a refreshing beer, glass of prosecco, or San Pellegrino.


Tuesday-Sunday: 4pm-Midnight

Take a look at the complete menu here. Have you checked it out yet? Let us know in the comments @haveanight_jc!

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!