Mixed Emotions: Tasty 8's Closes, BUT Calavera Finds a {New Home}

Mixed Emotions: Tasty 8's Closes, BUT Calavera Finds a {New Home}

Posted in Eats on April 16, 2018

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The space at 121 Fayetteville St. is changing hands, and we're sad and happy all at once... Tasty 8's served over 250,000 hot dogs since it opened in 2014, but the doors closed for good on April 5th. However, with the sad news of the closing, came some great news that Calavera would be taking over the space. Tasty 8's owner Brett Wells shared the following:

It is with a heartfelt thank you to all of our great customers over the years as I announce our closing. My dental business has grown to a point where I simply no longer have time to operate the restaurant. I am really excited to be turning the space over to Ken and Anna so that Calavera can make a return to downtown Raleigh.
Thank you,
Brett Wells

Calavera owner Ken Yowell recently told The News & Observer, that the new Calavera will have more than twice the seating of the old spot, plus churros and potentially breakfast hitting the menu. We know what you're thinking (because we were thinking it also), "So, what about the walk-up window?" Yowell plans to keep the walk-up window (phew)! While still in the early stages of relocating Calavera, Yowell did mention the idea of a pop-up Cinco de Mayo event in the new space on May 5th. After renovations, he hopes Calavera will be back open back up by June.

Written by John Connell

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