10 {Mouth-Watering} Ice Cream, Gelato, & Froyo Shops in Jersey City

10 {Mouth-Watering} Ice Cream, Gelato, & Froyo Shops in Jersey City

Posted in Eats on June 25, 2018

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The summer heat has finally hit. I'm sure we've all noticed that the crop tops are out, and dudes in flip flops are still trying to be a thing. Restaurants have their doors and windows shut to keep the AC on, and–of course–and the lines are getting crazy when you're looking for some ice cream. There are few things that are as simple and wonderful as eating an ice cream cone on a hot day, and Jersey City has some great spots to explore and do exactly that. Are you ready for the best places to satisfy your craving?

Torico Homemade Ice Cream Parlour

This downtown classic makes everything in house! From classic flavors to seasonal flavors, to the sorbets and Italian ices, everything is made at 20 Erie Street. Contrary to popular belief, they don't serve gelato, just perfectly creamy ice cream in flavors that meet everyone's needs. They're also well known for their homemade ice cream cakes that are perfect for any party! My personal favorite is the Vanilla Peanut Butter as featured in the photo! 20 Erie St.

Ample Hills Creamery

An ice cream shop that originated in Brooklyn and since has spread to Manhattan, Jersey City, Queens, and even Disney! Their flavor options are loaded with all sorts of delicious goodness; from butter cake to pretzels, to brownies, to Baked by Melissa cupcakes! The Ooey Gooey Butter Cake (shown above) is as deliciously soft and sweet as you'd imagine with chunks (and I mean CHUNKS) of butter cake folded into their ice cream. You can get 2 flavors in any size or any cone so if you can't decide on one devilishly delicious flavor, get both! 200 Greene St.

Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato

Did you know that the difference between gelato and ice cream is the rate at which it's churned and the fat content? Just because gelato has a lower fat content doesn't mean it lacks flavor! Bucket & Bay has gelato infused with Johnnie Walker Black Label, strawberries infused with Port, and gelato infused with rose petals. They also have classic flavors like Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate. Unlike other creamery shops in Jersey City they use homemade Pizelles as their cones for a unique crunchy sweetness. 150 Bay St.

Milk Sugar Love Creamery & Bakeshop

If you're looking for ice cream layered between homemade cookies, brownies, or macarons, this is the summertime delight for you. At Milk Sugar Love they use only organic cream to churn their delicious flavors with their menu updated daily online! You can also get ice cream cakes and cupcakes here! 19 McWilliams Pl.

Freshy Freeze

Remember when rolled ice cream was EVERYWHERE on Instagram? Freshy Freeze is Jersey City's very own hand-rolled ice cream spot. They're keeping the fun alive with unlimited toppings over 6 rolls of freshly rolled ice cream. Perfectly Instagram-able and perfectly delicious, take a stroll over to Jersey Ave and watch it get made in front of your eyes! 512 Jersey Ave.

Jersey & Co. Gelato

The Grand Opening was just this past weekend! They've had their soft opening since June 9th, but if you haven't made it over to Journal Square in a while this is the perfect opportunity to experience gelato and sorbet in the heart of Jersey City. They offer flavors like Mango, Kibana (kiwi & banana), and Frutti di Bosco. If you live downtown just hop on the PATH and ride 1 stop for a reasonably priced dessert unlike any other in Jersey City. 55 Mallory Ave.

Cherry Pick

If you've walked around Downtown JC then you've probably stumbled on Cherry Pick right on Grove Street. It's an incredibly friendly experience every time you walk inside and of course the staff lets you sample their Super Premium Flavors. People rave about the Thai Coconut Ice Cream and their selection of unique flavors like Apricot Orange Blossom and Cinnamon Crumb Cake. The best part is that their ice cream is totally organic! 305 Grove St.

Downtown Yogurt

It's not actually ice cream, but if you've been to the Grove Street PATH, you've seen Downtown Yogurt. With waffle sandwiches, yogurt cakes, and loads of toppings there's something here for everyone. So if you're trying to fool yourself into believing that a bowlful of frozen yogurt is good for you, stop on over and maybe order a cake or 2 while you're at it! Treat yourself! Downtown Yogurt is amazing for all your cravings whether they are fruity, chocolate-y, creamy, nutty, or chewy. Serve yourself as much as you can handle! 126 Newark Ave.

Dahlia's Ice Cream Spot

A lot of the spots I've written about are in downtown, I know, and not everyone travels to downtown all the time so here's a gem in the Heights that you should check out. Dahlia's offers homemade ice cream, yogurt, milkshakes, cakes, and more! Dahlia's has been around for over a decade serving classic flavors and fun birthday cakes. 290 Central Ave.

Coming Soon: Angel's Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes

Soon to enter the ice cream game in JC is Angel's Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes! This shop offers flavors like Fly Me To the Moon, Angels & Demons, and Matcha Libre, which combines fresh rolled ice cream with locally produced strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and green tea. The owners of Angel's believe in the quality of local markets and obtain many of their toppings from the area. Who doesn't love a fresh crepe with a dollop of ice cream on the side? Angel's offers a crepe (gluten-free is an option!) and ice cream combo that comes in three sizes which makes it perfect for yourself or for sharing. Stay tuned for info on their opening! 312 Central Ave.

Written by Julie Hansen

Julie is a relatively new resident to JC, and is eager to explore, to share, to talk, to {discover}, and to have fun! She does yoga in her spare time, and loves staying active every day. Keep up with her @julieshungry!