10 Parks to Spend Your {Sunny Days} in Jersey City

10 Parks to Spend Your {Sunny Days} in Jersey City

Posted in Entertainment on June 29, 2018

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While we all love the urban paradise that is Jersey City sometimes you just need nature. Luckily Jersey City has a variety of parks where you can escape the hustle and bustle for a while. These parks host an array of events that bring the community together, and that is a beautiful thing.

Riverview-Fisk Park

A park with a sweeping view of Hoboken and the Manhattan skyline (especially from it's large gazebo area). Recreational areas include a playground, a basketball court, a community garden and a small fenced-in area for dogs. Riverview-Park is also home to performances for the Riverview Jazz Festival and The Riverview Farmers Market, which happens every Sunday from 10am-3pm, May through October. Free fitness and yoga classes are also on the schedule during the market. 1 Bowers St.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is sprawling 273.4 acres of green grass, some protected marshlands and all the outdoor amenities under the sun. There are tennis courts, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, handball/racquetball courts, three playgrounds, football fields, soccer fields, and a running track. Not to mention, there are also picnic areas, paths for jogging, biking or walking, a dog park, and a pond for recreational fishing. In addition to these activities, there are also several memorials to visit in the park, the most popular being "The Lincoln Mystic" and "The Lincoln Park Fountain." The fountain is undeniably the park's most distinguishing feature and dates back to 1911.. There is a farmers market that runs from June to October every Sunday from 10am-3pm near the West Side Avenue entrance. 1 Lincoln Park

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park is the perfect city-dwellers park. Located in Downtown Jersey City, there are plenty of dining options and shops nearby. The park hosts three playgrounds, including a small water park, two tennis courts (that are well lit at night), a full basketball court, a dog park for big dogs, and one for the little dogs as well. Hamilton Park host Movies in the Park throughout the summer. It's really a clean and family-friendly park for all. There is a farmers market every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm. McWilliams Place and 8th St.

Pershing Field Park

Centrally located Pershing Field Park is an open city square park that runs along Central Ave. and Summit Ave. There is a newly renovated playground, a running track, a baseball diamond, and tennis and basketball courts. What sets Pershing Field apart from other parks is it's indoor swimming pool open to the public, and also it's ice rink during the winter months. Check out the Community Center for activities like discounted Zumba classes. At the Summit Ave. entrance you'll find a large archway that is a remnant of the Fourth Regiment Armory building. The structure was demolished in 1927 and dates back to The Civil War. 201 Central Ave.

Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park can be described as a quaint neighborhood park. This is the park to go to if you're looking for a well-shaded spot. An ample amount of trees and flowers gives this park an enchanting vibe. They have a Summer Movie Series (every other Wednesday at sunset), and a farmers market featuring free yoga and fitness classes. For more information visit their Facebook page. It's walking distance from the Grove St. PATH and has restaurants and shops nearby. 281 Montgomery St.

Newport Green Park

The perfect park for a hot summer day. Newport Green has 4 acres of park that ironically includes a sandy beach. So if you can't make it down the shore for the day, this park is great option. An oasis for kids and parents alike, Newport Green offers a 17,000 sq ft. padded playground, a sprinkler park, chairs and picnic tables (with umbrellas), and a carousel. Newport Green Park is located along the Hudson River (so there is no shortage of the skyline view). Plus, it is only a 10-minute walk from Hoboken. While very kid-centric, you don't need to be a parent to enjoy this park. Bring a towel and a book if you're feeling beach sick during the work week. 14th St.

Liberty State Park

A park frequented by Jersey City residents and visitors alike. It could be due to the magnificent up-close clear view of Manhattan and Lady Liberty (she is only 2,000 feet away). Or maybe it's the fact that it's a whopping 1,212 acres. There is no shortage of grassy areas to lay out in the sun or benches along the river and two-mile promenade. Fishing and crabbing is permitted in accordance with the law. Liberty State Park is also the site of the historic Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, a frequent second stop for many of the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. Ferry service is available to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from the park. If you've had enough of the sun, hop over to Liberty Science Center for an educational indoor activity. 200 Morris Pesin Dr.

Berry Lane Park

This is a park for all sports. They have two tennis courts, a football field, a baseball diamond, a playground, sprinklers, and wait for it... a skate park! The skate park is 12,000 sq ft. and it's equipped with ramps, rail, hills, bowels, and more. It is the only "poured-in concrete skate park in Hudson County." This park borders Downtown Jersey City and Bergen-Lafayette. 1000 Garfield Ave.

Leonard Gordon Park

Leonard-Gordon Park is definitely one of the more hilly parks in Jersey City. A large bear and buffalo sculpture sits near the John F. Kennedy Blvd. entrance. The Leonard Gordon Park Conservatory hosts Heights Live, a concert in the park series. With plenty of walkways, this is a beautiful park. Don't forget to bring the bug spray because it has also been called "Mosquito Park." In the winter, this is the place to go for sledding. JFK Blvd. and Manhattan Ave.

Sgt. Anthony Park

Located along Palisade Ave, this tiny park is a sight to see when the cherry blossoms bloom in spring. The park consists of a basketball court, a playground, a dog run, and benches/picnic tables. Just because the park doesn't cover many square feet, doesn't mean they don't have a lot going on. They are participating in Movies in Park and Sattva Yoga hosts a class here every Sunday morning at 10am. 90-100 Palisade Ave.

Written by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Jersey City born, Kait loves how the city has flourished since her childhood, and the fact that she can now enjoy it as an adult. She can often be found running by the waterfront, in the local vintage shops or killing it on the foosball table at South House. Her hobbies include brunch, shopping, and Instagram. What like those aren't hobbies? Follow her outfits and antics @outfittedand_about!