15 Places to {Pamper Yourself} in JC Before A Night Out

15 Places to {Pamper Yourself} in JC Before A Night Out

Posted in Entertainment on September 19, 2018

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Let's face it, having a big night out can be stressful. Between finding something to wear, trying to make sure you look your best, and wanting to feel your best, there's a lot more thought that goes into going out than going to a casual bar after work. Here are the best places in Jersey City to make sure you are in your best shape before your big night out. From spas, estheticians, hair salons, and barber shops, you can find exactly what you're looking for and make your night out that much easier.

Gaia's Cavern

Gaia's Cavern is a rejuvenation spot for all of your needs located in downtown JC. With services such as massages, facials, and Reiki, and products such as teas, herbal medicines, CBD-infused products, you can be sure you will feel at your greatest when visiting. Be sure to grab some products that they have for sale too so you can hold onto the calm feeling long after the appointment! 140 Wayne St.

Zahava Day Spa

Zahava Day Spa is one of Jersey City's finest. With options that will bring you more peace and comfort than you could imagine, you'll be able to de-stress before your big night out. Give them a call or email, both located on their website to make an appointment and see the full list of amazing services offered. 403 Monmouth St.

Virile Barber & Shop

The art of shaving has been making a comeback, and Virile is rated one of the best around. With choices from apprentice to master barber, you will find your groove and the absolute perfect person to provide the type of shave or haircut you are looking for. 423 Monmouth St., 510 Jersey Ave.

Etiket Barber & Lifestyle Co.

With a motto such as Elevated Through Inspiration & Killin' Every Thing you will definitely feel inspired, rejuvenated, and at ease after your services at Etiket. This barber and lifestyle company will give you one of the greatest shaves, and of course, best feelings after. Appointments can be booked online here. 335 Grove St.


LaKoet is more than just a hair salon. It's incredible fusion of body and hair care make it a step above the rest. The salon prides itself on their natural and sustainable ingredients, so not only will you look amazing after, but you can feel good about where you went. You can schedule appointments online, or by phone. 301 First St.

The Hair Room

The Hair Room is one of the highlights of downtown JC. Make sure your hair looks phenomenal with a cut, color, or touch-up to impress your friends before your night out. They even specialize in awesome fun color processing for hair, so you really can be a whole new person for your night on the town! 213 Montgomery St.

BaseBody Spa

BaseBody Spa is located inside of the Base Body gym. With massage options ranging from deep tissue, to charka balancing, you will feel balanced and luxurious after your appointment. Make sure to stop by the steam room and saunas before leaving to make the most out of your appointment. You will be ready take on the world on your night out with these massages before. 60 Christopher Columbus Dr.

Serenity Day Spa

Serenity Day Spa is the one-stop shop to bring out your best self before your night out. With services aimed at improving your natural self, specific concerns, and services individualized to fit your needs, Serenity will help you live your best life for your future night out. 263 Grand St.


om.life is not your typical spa. It is the place to go to escape the business of the city, the stress of going out, reconnect with yourself, and get ready to take on the night. With special treatments in Shamanic Energy Healing, Infrared Saunas, and Flotation Therapy, you can work through whatever stresses you have and leave feeling like whole new person. They even offer intro packages for new clients on their website. 18 Park View Ave.

Loosen Up JC

Loosen Up JC Is a great place to relax and put your whole being at ease. Massages range from sports to Swedish and even pre-natal, because mommies-to-be need to relax before big nights out too! Visit their website for 10% off of a treatment for new clients as well. 188 Newark Ave.

Polish Me Nail Spa

Make sure every aspect of you looks the best before you adventure out. Polish Me Nail Spa has two locations in JC which specialize in nail treatments, threading, and waxing. They even offer specials on their massage packages. 117 Town Square Place, 208 Washington St.

Eye Candy Lash Bar

Eye Candy Lash Bar is embracing the newest beauty trend, enhancing your eyelashes! This eyelash boutique specializes in services such as lash extensions, microblading, brow tinting and trimming, and much more. While getting some of the best treatments, feel at home with a glass of champagne and a beyond relaxing atmosphere. Walk-ins are allowed, but calling ahead is recommended. 447 Central Ave.

Knead Therapeutic Massage

Knead will allow you to rejuvenate your body and your mind. Begin your day with a therapeutic yoga class, CBD yoga classes, massages, cupping, and much more. Every aspect of you will feel relaxed and restored after your appointment. These appointments can't guarantee that it will make your life easier when finding an outfit, or a place that everyone agrees on going to, but it can help your own peace of mind. 521 Jersey Ave.

Balkan Barber Shop

Balkan will allow you to start your morning with a hot shave and a cappuccino. Embracing "old school style, with a new school touch," you can begin your day looking great, and keep that feeling all night long. Appointments can be made here. 332 Barrow St.

Glow Me NJ

Glow Me NJ is the mobile tanning solution that makes your life SO much easier. Now you can schedule an appointment and have a professional come to your home and give you that just-left-the-beach glow. Each color solution is individualized and fit for your schedule! Prices vary depending on location, and appointments can be made through their website or the phone.

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!