12 Drinks to {Warm Up} with in Jersey City

12 Drinks to {Warm Up} with in Jersey City

Posted in Drinks on October 23, 2018

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There are a few really wonderful things about this time of the year: changing leaves, big comfy sweaters, colorful scarves, blooming chrysanthemums, and—one of my favorites—warm seasonal cocktails! Jersey City is in full swing of fall festivities and the cocktail game is coming on strong (literally). Here are a few good spots to go to for drinks with warm flavors or warm temperatures, full of cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin, allspice, and alcohol!

Third & Vine

Third & Vine boasts a cocktail list of over a dozen seasonally created concoctions with each unique and as chilling as the next. The molecular mixology incorporated in each glass makes the flavors swirl and float together in an enchanting cup of delicious fall flavors. Check out The Golden Girl made with golden raisin infused rum, allspice, honey, apple bitters, and cherry wood smoke. Another popular cocktail is A Lil Pump made of bourbon, pumpkin syrup, lemon juice, and ginger. 353 3rd St.


Frankie's hot cocktail is basically a remedy for the cold and for anything that ails you. Their Girl In Amber is made with Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey, fresh ginger, lemon, and cinnamon. Swing by for a drink or two to warm up on these chilly autumn nights. 264 Grove St.

The Kitchen Step

As if it wasn't cozy enough inside The Kitchen Step, you can now kick it up a notch by sipping on their hot cocktail, The Red Head From The Orchard. Fight the freeze with this drink made with Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey, apple cider, mesquite, lemon, and pumpkin seed bitters. You can also get this frozen if you're about that chilly life. 500 Jersey Ave.

Corgi Spirits

Our local JC distillery has prepared for the impending cold with an entire section of the menu dedicated to warming you up. First, they have a Mulled Cider with their Smoking Lounge Gin, orange, chai, and spiced cherry. They also have their rendition of a Hot Toddy with their new Cardigan Whiskey, lyles syrup, lemon, and angostura bitters. 1 Distillery Dr.

Sam A.M.

Sam A.M. is famous in Jersey City for their cozy atmosphere, delicious breakfasts, and for being BYOB but this fall there's another reason to stop by and have brunch with them on the weekend: Maple Cream Latte. Imagine pancakes and coffee mixed together in your warm cup as you sit in their big window and watch people walking in the cold, completely oblivious to the happiness in your hands. Don't wait too long, it could be you! 112 Morris St.

The Archer

I'm going to let you in on a delicious secret at The Archer: the Ol' 55. You won't find it on their menu but if you ask for it, the bartender will create a cocktail of cognac, pear liqueur, cinnamon, citrus, and bitters for you to sip on as the weather turns crisp. 176 Newark Ave.

South House

Interested in a pear cocktail infused with home made cinnamon syrup and Grey Goose La Poire? South House is the place to be for delicious southern comfort and a drink that will make you feel like your sitting on your porch in the Poconos watching the leaves turn orange and the chrysanthemums bloom. 149 Newark Ave.

The Hutton

There's a sweet treat over at The Hutton and it's filled with a shot of espresso. If you're not familiar with an affogato then I recommend you have your first at The Hutton, with salted brownie pieces, and pumpkin flavors to swirl around in your ice cream and espresso. It'll be a cup of artisanal autumn flavors. 225 Hutton St.


As much as we already love Talde, here's another reason to stop by for a visit this chilly season. Have you tried their seasonal mule yet? Or the Bramble On? The ginger spice is essential at Talde in food and in drinks so don't rule it out just yet. It's perfectly smooth and perfectly spicy in these drinks and you won't regret trying them. 8 Erie St.


With the space heaters on you won't even know you're hanging out on Porta's rooftop at the end of October. Fight the chill the night with a Pumpkin Hot Toddy and some groovy beats to make the party festive, spicy, and delicious. 135 Newark Ave.


There's something amazing happening at Wurstbar and it's coming in donut form. What's better to pair your spiked cider with than apple cider donuts! It's a deal you won't want to miss and you won't have to travel to a pumpkin farm to get. 516 Jersey Ave.

Dolya Café

This little blini café whips up some amazing treats—and not just in blini form. Their hot apple cider is one of the coziest drinks on this side of the Hudson. The spiced cider is made in house along and then finished with a pecan crumble rim and whipped cream! It'll warm you right up. 128 Newark Ave.

Written by Julie Hansen

Julie is a relatively new resident to JC, and is eager to explore, to share, to talk, to {discover}, and to have fun! She does yoga in her spare time, and loves staying active every day. Keep up with her @julieshungry!