New Kids on the Block: 9 {New Spots} Recently Opened in JC

New Kids on the Block: 9 {New Spots} Recently Opened in JC

Posted in Entertainment on November 05, 2018

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New business openings have slowed down a bit since the end of summer, but we've still got a few announcements for you! Whether you're into coffee, pastries, cheese, fine dining, throwing things at a target, or all of the above, you'll want to read on. There are several new spots to explore, eat, and have a good time.

Enna Bakery

It worked out nicely for the neighborhood that Enna Bakery moved into Prato's old location. There is no shortage of delicious sweet and savory goodies here, whether you're looking for a treat or a real meal. Plus, come springtime, they have a really cozy backyard to enjoy your pastry in. 61 Erie St.

Van Hook Outpost

If sweet dreams are made of cheese, then Van Hook's opening of their grilled cheese outpost in Hamilton Park is a dream come true. It's more of a walk-up window than a dine-in restaurant, but it's the perfect grab-and-go food option to take a stroll in Hamilton Park, or plop down on one of their benches outside. 232 Pavonia Ave.

Thinking Cup Café

Paulus Hook's latest addition (nay, caffeine addiction) is Thinking Cup Café. Their menu focuses on Turkish and Mediterranean food, tea, and of course, coffee. It wouldn't be complete without fluffy bagels and breakfast sandwiches, but if you're looking for something a little heartier, they've also got you covered. 201 Warren St.


Replacing its predecessor Tendershoot Farm, Oliva is a two-floor market with a great selection of produce, dairy, meats, and even hard-to-come-by imported goods (hello Serrano ham!). Not only do they serve as a grocer, but they have a great selection of prepared desserts, shawarma, bowls, and other meals. Their prices also seem too good to be true—but believe you me, they are for real. 138 Newark Ave.


Axe throwing is definitely the latest craze and we're lucky enough to have Tomahawks join the Heights neighborhood. It's subtly located inside the JC Archery building—go upstairs and walk through the archery space—to find a room full of wooden targets and axe-throwing lanes. It's a great spot to spend an afternoon with a group of friends and practice your target skills. 7 Sherman Ave, Floor 2.

Hudson & Co. JC

There are only a handful of restaurants that are lucky enough to say they boast unobstructed views of Manhattan from Jersey City, and Hudson & Co. has added itself to the list. The new nautical-inspired spot is half sports bar, half nice dining room and has menu options to fulfill both your game-watching and date-night-dining needs. They have everything from burgers and pizza to sushi and fresh fish. 3 2nd St.

Maggie's Farm Espresso

A lot of exciting things are happening in the Powerhouse Arts District lately, and one of those things is the opening of Maggie's Farm Espresso. Both residents and those who work in the area can now enjoy fresh coffee, breakfast all day, a great assortment of sandwiches and salads, and not to mention a relaxed, cozy atmosphere to hang out or get some work done. 88 Morgan St.

Luigi's Ice Cream

How could ice cream possibly get better, you ask? Add booze. Luigi's Ice Cream has opened a speakeasy-style counter in the back of Ani Ramen—walk to the kitchen and make a right through the glass doors. Not all the flavors will be infused with alcohol, and no, you can't get drunk off of it, but these flavors sound amazing nonetheless: Strawberry Tequila Rose, HorChata ice cream with RumChata Liqueur; Frangelico Hazelnut Rocher, chocolate cream and Ferrero Rocher candy; and more.

Written by Sasha Kleinman

Born and raised in NJ, Sasha is obsessed with everything Jersey City has to offer. She's a fashion copywriter by day, and die-hard Jane Do enthusiast and (vegetarian) foodie by night. When she's not stuffing her face at one of Chilltown's amazing restaurants, having a couple brewskis at Departed Soles, or snuggling with your dog, Sasha is busy traveling the globe with camera (and fork) in hand. Follow her foodie-ventures @thehungrygrowlers!