12 {Karaoke Spots} in Jersey City

12 {Karaoke Spots} in Jersey City

Posted in Entertainment on November 20, 2018

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Jersey City bars are hooking you up with karaoke being hosted somewhere nearly every night of the week! So, if you needed an excuse to go out on a week night, or are trying to find your new favorite spot for showing off your pipes, check out some of these awesome local spots for karaoke!


As a spectator, LITM is my favourite karaoke bar in Jersey City. The space is intimate and comfortable, Moscow Mules are $7 all night long, and the singers are always top-notch! You really couldn't ask for more from a Monday night! The karaoke kicks off at 10pm, and they often have themed karaoke nights along with prizes, so be sure to check them out on social media and head over for some quality Monday night karaoke! 140 Newark Ave.

Grove Corner Bar

Grove Corner Bar is a good spot to bring a group of friends and sing into the night! It's in a perfect location right off of the Grove PATH station, and they have tons of beer and drink specials to enjoy while you pick out the perfect song! Come sing your heart out on Tuesdays and Sundays. 116 Newark Ave.

O'Hara's Downtown

If you're looking for a big audience to showcase your secret karaoke talents, then this is definitely the spot for you! O'Hara's offers a big space that is always sure to be full of people, and a front and centre stage to really feel like you're in the spotlight! They host karaoke every Wednesday night starting at 9pm. If you get there early you can enjoy some live music while indulging in one of their specialty mixed drinks! 172 1st St.

Corkscrew Bar & Grill

The Corkscrew Bar & Grill is the perfect karaoke spot in the Heights, hosting their karaoke night on Wednesdays starting at 9pm! This Jersey City staple has the perfect pub vibe for an enjoyable and low-key Wednesday night out jamming out to your favourite song. 61 Congress St.

Hard Grove

As if you needed another excuse to go to Hard Grove besides their delicious Cuban eats and famous mojitos, every Thursday the small bar gets taken over by karaoke enthusiasts! It's the perfect place for a small group of friends to go out to and start the weekend off right. 286 1st St.

Abbey's Pub

Abbey's Pub offers a relaxed vibe to enjoy a few drinks and partake in some Thursday night karaoke! There's always a nice big crowd packed into the lively corner pub. 409 Monmouth St.

Golden Cicada

Golden Cicada is a must-go for any real Jersey City resident. This bar has been a staple in the community of Jersey City dive bars for decades! When you walk through the doors of this non-descript little building on a Friday or Saturday night you will be welcomed with a Tsingtao and a baijiu shot, which is just what you need to build up the courage to join in the rowdy karaoke fun! This is the perfect karaoke experience for those who might be a little shy, because instead of standing on a stage with everyone watching you, the mic gets passed around so you can sing in the comfort of your seat amidst the often compact crowd. 195 Grand St.

Iron Monkey

If you haven't been to Iron Monkey yet, then maybe your love of karaoke will finally lure you out there! This is a unique and trendy bar with multiple levels and a beautiful rooftop patio overlooking the NYC skyline, and most importantly they specialize in craft beer. With dozens of interesting beers on tap and half-priced beers between 9-10pm every night, you will be perfectly imbibed heading into the 10pm start for the karaoke on Saturday nights! 99 Greene St.

Pet Shop

Pet Shop is known locally for its amazing live music, showcasing trendy bands in their cozy bar, but Sunday nights it's your turn to entertain! They host karaoke every Sunday night in their basement wine bar, so you can sing to your hearts content while enjoying some food from their famous all-vegetarian menu. 193 Newark Ave.

Brightside Tavern

Brightside Tavern is the perfect place to spend any night of the week, with a games room upstairs, huge sports bar and lounge with karaoke most nights! Not to mention the incredible menu and drink specials to accompany the friendly vibe. Be sure to check out their social media to see which nights will be featuring karaoke and head on over. 141 Bright St.

Ed & Marys

Though not on a set night, Ed & Marys hosts frequent themed karaoke nights that are too fun to miss! This does mean that you will need to follow them on social media for updates on their karaoke events, but it is totally worth it. Ed & Marys is a quaint pub with a beautiful patio tucked away near Hamilton Park, their small space lends itself perfectly to an informal and lively karaoke experience. 174 Coles St.

FM Restaurant

A different take on your typical karaoke night can be found at FM in downtown Jersey City, with their occasional Live Band Karaoke! You will finally be able to live out your fantasy of being the lead singer of your favorite rock band. Make sure to follow them on social media to keep updated with their upcoming karaoke events. 340 3rd St.

Written by Claire Layton

Claire is a quintessential Canadian girl looking forward to exploring JC one craft beer at a time! She is a graduate student of anthropology, spending all of her free time either at the gym, frequenting comedy bars, or scouring the city for free concerts.