15 Places {To Workout & Eat Healthy} in Jersey City to Keep Your Resolutions

15 Places {To Workout & Eat Healthy} in Jersey City to Keep Your Resolutions

Posted in Entertainment on January 22, 2019

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We are about halfway through the first month of 2019 and there is a good chance that some of those New Year's resolutions have already been broken. But don't get discouraged! If you've fallen off the wellness wagon you can just get right back on, just like that elusive horse that everyone talks about. The key is finding what workout fits your lifestyle and a conscious effort to pick healthier options when dining out or ordering in. That is why we are bringing you a wellness guide with a wide variety of fitness facilities and healthy eateries. There is something for everyone, even those of you who are still riding that wellness wagon. Make good choices, JC!

Fitness Facilities

Fit Life Boot Camp

Can you spare 30 minutes for exercise? Fit Life Boot Camp offers quick group personal training classes that are both high energy and challenging. Classes are every half-hour from 6-8:30am and in the evening from 5:30-7pm Monday through Friday; plus 11 and 11:30am on Saturdays. Fit Life Bootcamp promises results and offers new members a 30-day trial period. If the workouts don't work for you, you'll get a full refund. 404 Central Ave.

WeStrong Strength & Conditioning

Looking for a great weight loss/strength building program? There is a huge emphasis on community culture (hence the "we" in the name.) Coach and owner Omar was raised in Jersey City, and while his coaching may be toward the "tough love" end of the spectrum, he cares about the results and well-being of his clients. Walk-ins are not welcome so be sure to inquire first, however all levels are welcome! 41 Marin Blvd.

Jane Do

Jane Do was founded by former Radio City Rockettes and celebrity trainers Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo. Their mission is to empower women through fitness. Jane Do offers fun upbeat classes (Tramp Stamp, Floor Play, Dance Your A$ Off, and Train Jane) that incorporate cardio and strength training in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. "Lift your booty and your spirit." 160 Newark Ave. 3rd Fl.

Hamilton Health and Fitness

This is a clean and modest facility in the Hamilton Park neighborhood. The staff is friendly and helpful. While the space can be limited sometimes, the equipment is up-to-date. Enjoy extra amenities like their pool and steam room to detox pre- or post-workout. 161 Erie St.

Family Fitness Karate and Kickboxing

Have you ever considered Martial Arts? Family Fitness Karate and Kickboxing has two locations in Jersey City and offers classes and training for both children and adults (ages 14+.) Burn fat and build strength/endurance with Fitness Kickboxing in an intimate class setting. Try out Muay Thai aka the "Art of Eight Limbs" which incorporates the use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Martial Arts will not only help to physically empower you, but will equip you with self defense skills and improve mental and emotional health. 419 Central Ave. and 263 Monmouth St.

Vita Athletics

How do you like your workouts? Strength or cardio based? Vita Athletics has combos of both, and you won't find any treadmills or barbells here. Instead they use sandbags, battle ropes, as well as other equipment for a more interactive workouts. Perfect for anyone looking to train for an obstacle course or relay race. 133 2nd St.

Sattva Yoga Jersey City

Sattva Yoga studio aims to offer affordable yoga classes for "everybody and every body." All types of traditional yoga are offered including vinyasa flow, hatha, yin, and restorative yoga. And "everybody" does not exclude kids! Check out their family yoga and childhood development classes. Sattva means "purity, harmony, and balance." Open your heart and join the Sattva community. 523 Palisade Ave.

Body Soul and Pole

If you are looking to spice up your workouts this would be the place to do it. Pole and aerial dancing are great for building core and upper body strength. Plu,s an increase in flexibility never hurt anyone, in the long run that is. Beginners and all body types are always welcome and will learn the fundamentals first. Men are also welcome, with the exception of some classes being female only. Build more than strength at Body Soul and Pole—their goal is to inspire self-confidence and body awareness. 189 Brunswick St.

Surya Yoga Academy

Some like it hot and some prefer a nice vinyasa flow at room temperature. Surya Yoga offers both hot yoga and unheated yoga, which are clearly marked on their schedule. Surya is open 7 days a week, with classes running from 6am to 8:15pm to accommodate your busy schedule. Not sure if you can call this yogi community home? Sign up for a week of unlimited classes for only $25 (available to new members only.) 341 Grove St.

Healthy Eateries


CAVA offers a fast and causal Mediterranean dining experience. With only 3 locations in the state, Jersey City is #blessed to have one! The term "Chipotle for Mediterranean food" has been thrown around a few times on Yelp. Customers rave about the green and grain bowls, fresh and healthy options for under $10. Their hummus is a staple and comes in different flavors. 30 Montgomery St.

Subia's Organic Cafe

This cafe specializes in vegan and vegetarian options using all organic ingredients. There are meat dishes, too, for the carnivorous who are looking for a cleaner meal. Aside from serving breakfast and lunch they have a juice farm-acy and ten smoothie options, with add-ons of course. The veggie burgers here are a must! The selection is a bit pricey but you're paying for the quality of the food. They're open from 10:30am-2:15pm Monday to Friday. Delivery is available via Seamless. 506 Jersey Ave.

Sweetberry Bowls

Fruit is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you're attempting to live a healthy life and the sweet tooth hits you opt for Sweetberry over the chocolate cake or froyo, besides you can also top your bowl with Nutella or peanut butter. Sweetberry has a wide smoothie selection at very decent prices, plus all veggie and fruit salads and oatmeals bowls. There are two locations in Jersey City. 179 Newark Ave. 525 Washington Blvd Ste. E (Newport Tower)


This Journal Square cafe first started off as a catering company with founder David Trotta cooking out of the back of his car. WHEALTH's specialty is farm-to-table so the food is always fresh like it just came out of your grandmother's kitchen. Located under the Journal Squared building this quaint cafe (seats 30) is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday 6:30am-8pm and weekend hours from 7am-3pm. Whealth also host dinner events featuring pre-fixe, multi-course meals cooked by guest chefs. Check out their website to make reservations. 615 Pavonia Ave.

The Cliff

Just a cafe in The Heights serving up wholesome and delicious food. They have great coffee and breakfast options making it a good am stop if you're in The Heights. If you're not an early riser you are in luck: their health-centric breakfast options, along with salads, sandwiches, and burgers are served all day. They even have a healthy kids menu! 38 Congress St.

Short Grain Cafe

Who says carbs are a bad thing? You're going to need them, especially if you're kicking your exercise routine up a notch. Short Grain is an Asian-fusion cafe that does brunch all day, everyday. The avocado toast here is infamous, as well as other brunch options like Green Eggs and Spam served over brown rice and the Ricotta Hotcakes. 183 Montgomery St.

Written by Kaitlyn De Leonardis

Jersey City born, Kait loves how the city has flourished since her childhood, and the fact that she can now enjoy it as an adult. She can often be found running by the waterfront, in the local vintage shops or killing it on the foosball table at South House. Her hobbies include brunch, shopping, and Instagram. What like those aren't hobbies? Follow her outfits and antics @outfittedand_about!