14 Places to Celebrate {National Pizza Day} in Jersey City

14 Places to Celebrate {National Pizza Day} in Jersey City

Posted in Eats on February 07, 2019

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February is the month for love, and what do most people love? PIZZA. Stuck on how to treat your own loved one (who may be yourself)? PIZZA. Don't know how to tell someone you like them? Give them a PIZZA. Pizza is the way to someone's heart. In honor of National Pizza Day on February 9th, here are the best places in JC for all of your pizza needs.


Porta is notorious for their pizza. With mouthwatering choices, and plenty of them, you'll always make the right one at Porta. From their Carbonara, to their 14 ½, Winter Betty, and classic Marinara, no matter your preference, you'll find it here. 135 Newark Ave.

Grove Corner Bar

Grove Corner with Flavia Pizza is a downtown JC hit. With options to eat in, grab a quick drink, take it on the go, or sit on the patio, your choice of pizza will be easier than your decision on where to eat it. In the mood for pizza, but not your go-to? Try their flatbreads! 116 Newark Ave.

Firehouse Blazing Pizza

Firehouse Pizza is a new kid on the block, but sure is making their mark on the JC pizza scene. Pick from their Pesto Pizza, 4 Alarm Blazing, Hawaii 5.0, Penne Vodka Pizza, you'll want to make this a weekly stop. Looking for gluten free and vegan options? They have that too! 488 Central Ave.

Stella's Pizza

This Grove Street spot is a perfect late-night stop. Open 24 hours, with lots of options, Stella's is the place to be when you or your sweetheart is craving some late-night pizza munchies. 315 Grove St.

Roman Nose

Roman Nose has some of the biggest—and best—pies around. The dough is made from scratch daily and of course with love. Bring your friends or go for yourself, this pizza will not disappoint. 125 Newark Ave.

Razza Pizza Artigianale

In the mood for quality pizza with a spin? Razza is the place to be. With artisanal pizza choices such as their Burrata, Di Natale, and Bosco, you'll be greeted with fresh, out-of-the-box ingredients. Your taste buds will thank you! 275 Grove St.

Two Boots

In the mood for something unique and quirky? Look no further than Two Boots! With some of the best options around including vegan options, this pizza will excite your taste buds and your soul. 133 Newark Ave.


VB3 has not only slice options for if you're looking for a quick bite, but personal small and large sizes as well. Pick from your favorites like a veggie or Margherita or go wild with their Joe's Special or Pesto Pizza. 475 Washington St.

Pizza Vita

Oh, the pizza's you'll taste! Pizza Vita offers some of the best ingredients combinations on pizzas around, such as tomatoes, eggplant, caramelized onions, ricotta, and mozzarella in their Melanzana Pizza. Their Falliflower pizza features roasted cauliflower, kale, fresh mozzarella, and garlic parmesan sauce. Whatever you decide, you'll feel great about eating it! 435 Palisade Ave.

Vincent's Pizza

Vincent's Pizza is a local neighborhood pizza joint with some of the most delicious and best slices around. Pick from buffalo chicken, Stromboli, or go for their special stuffed pizza. Either way, you won't regret it. 1716 JFK Blvd.

Sloppy Joe's Pizza & More

Sloppy Joe's is your typical neighborhood pizzeria with a twist. Sloppy Joes offers choices for those cheese lovers, such as the Cheese Lovers Pizza (made with 4 cheeses and garlic), their take on the classic 4-Cheese Pizza, and an Alfredo Pizza. Don't forget the meat with their Mexican pizza option, Alfredo pizza, and Gyro Pie! 493 MLK Jr Dr.

Renato's Pizza Masters

Renato's Pizza is another JC staple that will warm anyone's heart. Looking for something out of the blue? They have a Baked Potato Ranch pizza. Looking for a classic? Try the Grandma. Want to make your own? They have that too! 278 Central Ave.

Delenio's Pizza

Delenio's is known for its pizza and of course Italian fare for those in a rush but wanting fresh food. Enjoy your Italian favorites, such as chicken parm, Margherita and Grandma pizzas, or try something new such as their Frankie 5. 357 7th St.

Alex's Italian Restaurant

Alex's is your traditional Italian restaurant with some of the best pizzas around. You'll think you're in Italy when you bite into it. 364 Grove St.

Written by Angela Ashman

Angela is a graduate student of cultural anthropology. While living in JC for the past two years, she has developed quite a taste for champagne, eclectic bars and exploring dog parks with her adorable cardigan welsh corgi, Olive. Follow her adventures with Olive on her Instagram @angie_ash!