12 Places to {Day Drink} in Jersey City

12 Places to {Day Drink} in Jersey City

Posted in Drinks on July 16, 2019

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Summertime and day drinking go together like tequila and lime! If you want to make the most of these summer days out with your friends, these are the places to go to relax with a nice cold drink in your hand!

Lutze Biergarten

The Lutze is a perfect spot to spend a day lounging out on their chairs and catching some rays while sipping on a perfectly crafted frosé! They open at noon Friday through Sunday so you can make the most of your weekend days outside, and they are dog-friendly, so your little furry friend doesn't have to be stuck at home all day! 3 2nd St.

Roman Nose

If you're looking for a spot to partake in a glass of wine while people-watching on a patio, then this is the spot for you! Roman Nose is perfectly located in the heart of the downtown pedestrian plaza, and with their daily $6 wine happy hour special and amazing selection of small bites for lunch you really can't go wrong with starting your afternoon off here! 125 Newark Ave.

Hard Grove

Hard Grove not only offers incredible Cuban food and the best mojitos in the city, they also have a backyard garden so you can sit outside away from the business of the downtown, and without any judgement for getting an early start on your drinking! Their weekend brunch is an especially good option, with carafes of mimosas, Bloody Marys, and sangria to get your day started right! 284 1st St.

Porta Rooftop

You can see their string-lights and patio seats from the street calling you up to their rooftop for an early afternoon craft brew! Porta's rooftop is an irresistible spot to day drink with your friends or on a date—it allows a little escape from the city where you can still be outside enjoying the sunshine! 135 Newark Ave.

Hamilton Pork

Hamilton Pork has the perfect backyard barbecue feel that you are craving in the summertime! Their picnic benches and laid-back vibes make it easy to spend an afternoon indulging in some delicious Texas-style BBQ along with a tasty craft cocktail! 247 10th St.


Patios are just made for day drinking, and Gringo's has one of the best patios in the city! They are open for lunch every day, so you can treat yourself to some tacos, along with a specialty margarita anytime of the day! 12 Coles St.

Zeppelin Hall

My favorite summer hobby is definitely gardening…beer-garden-ing that is! Zeppelin Hall Biergarten is a great place to do a little day drinking, they have a nice big space with outdoor seating and an outdoor bar, so you can bring as many friends as you want along for some early afternoon beers! 88 Liberty View Dr.

Mathews Food & Drink

If you're looking for a spot for some daytime drinks that is also very insta-worthy, then Mathews is the place for you! They have an amazing selection of inventive cocktails, artfully served to you out on their patio or in their bright and sleek bar inside! And the best part is they open nice and early, at 11am throughout the week and 10am on the weekends! 351 Grove St.

Rooftop at Exchange Place

If you are like me and try to avoid crowded places with lots of people, then you may also be missing out on some of Jersey City's most popular spots, because a Saturday night at somewhere as trendy as the RoofTop at Exchange Place is really not your scene. That's why the occasional day drinking excursion is perfect, you can check out the incredible views and amazing drinks at this popular rooftop bar, without the hassle of getting the bartender's attention amid a crowd of people! 1 Exchange Place.

Surf City

Surf City just has to be on any list of places for daytime drinking, they have everything you need to feel like your spending a day at the beach while enjoying the summeriest drinks you could imagine! 1 Marin Blvd.

The Ashford

You may be noticing a trend in rooftops on this list, but it's because they really are one of the best settings for day drinking since you have the blue skies above you and the luxury of being away from the traffic of the city! The Ashford is a brand-new spot, with a beautiful rooftop so you really do have to take the opportunity this summer to grab some friends and check out everything they have to offer by spending the day at their rooftop bar! 145 Newark Ave.


Barcade is one of my favorite spots to day drink. They have an amazing lunch special to get you started and a tap list that'll keep you going! And it's way more fun to be up and playing games to pass the time, instead of just sitting around at a bar! 163 Newark Ave.

Written by Claire Layton

Claire is a quintessential Canadian girl looking forward to exploring JC one craft beer at a time! She is a graduate student of anthropology, spending all of her free time either at the gym, frequenting comedy bars, or scouring the city for free concerts.